Steelworxx review – Looker 01

We have finally decided to order custom chastity device from Steelworxx. The main thing Miss No1Cums and me were looking for in a device was a open design. Why? Easy to clean when locked and hassle-less hygiene. This was very important to us since I will be locked 24/7. Also the device needed to be stainless steel.

We were deciding between Steelworxx and Mature Metal but at the end we decided to go with Looker 01 from Steelworxx. In this review I will go trough all the aspects of ordering/time production and quality of the Looker.

Order process – delivery
Owner of Steelworxx is Dietmar and we contact him to ask if the Looker 01 can be ordered without the urethral plug. No problem there and he said that production time for us would be somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks (with delivery). At the end we waited a bit under 6 weeks to get it at our door step. The package was discreet brown box.

My cock measures in flaccid state 9cm (cca 3.54 inch) and from my former experience I needed 45mm (1.77 inch) cock ring. The gap between ring and tube needed to be 17mm (0.67 inch). We went with 35mm (1.378 inch) for the tube width since I am a grower and for me it is better if I fill the cage in width and not in length when my cock gets aroused in it.

When the Looker 01 arrived we checked the measurements and they were spot on. Steelworxx made it just like we asked so no problem there.

The Looks
Steelworxx Looker is made out of stainless steel and just from the looks of it you get that feeling of “what have I gotten myself into” vibe. It has built-in lock (a big plus for us) so no hassle with padlocks and so on. Love it. Below you can find a few images of how it looks in real life. Looker is perfectly finished with no sharp edges and really a work of art by Steelworxx.

The Feel
After we disinfected the Looker in boiling water and cleaned it, it was time to put it on. The process of putting it on is simple so we had no problem there and the lock went “click” and it was done. As you can imagine my cock instantly tried to get hard and filled the cage as much as it could (not much of an erection just a soft-hard kind of a thingy).

The feeling itself is great (we locked up guy are strange this way) when my cock tries to get hard inside. It does not hurt… it is somewhere between a bit of pain and a bit of pleasure mixed altogether.

Long term wear?
I have been locked now for 8 days 24/7 with no issues at all. Urinating in the Looker is no problem at all if anyone was wondering since with its opened design you just do it and than wipe it with a tissue. Since it has been only 8 days since we got it I can not say if this will work 100% long term but from the looks of it yes. I am really happy to get the fit right for the first time and that it fits my cock perfectly.

In the days/months/years to come I (and Miss No1Cums) will keep you up-to-date how things are working for us with the Looker 01. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask via comments…

Ruined orgasm

Yesterday me and Miss No1Cums were not together (she had some work related stuff to be done over the weekend) and I texted her if I can jerkoff and make myself cum. From her answer I saw that there is no chance for a full orgasm, so I said if I can do a ruined one and I will give her a whole body massage and lick her pussy until she is dripping wet. To my surprise she said that I can and not only that but I can edge for as long as I like and I can ruin as many orgasm as I want. Whoa. The luck I have right? Long story short I edged for 45min and than gave myself 4 ruined orgasms.

I will take this chance to explain what is a ruined orgasm and what is the perfect way to give one.

1. What is a ruined orgasm?
Ruined orgasm is a form of control that makes ejaculation happen without an orgasm. With normal orgasm cum shoots out of the penis but with ruined orgasm cum is only oozing out. Empty balls but no fireworks. :)

2. How can you do this?
The easy way is by edging the male partner for longer period of time. When he feels that he is near orgasm he has to tell you and you have to stop all stimulation of the cock. Than wait 7-10 seconds and continue stimulation. After some time of those intervals of stimulation-waiting cum will start oozing from his cock.

3. Can I mess things up?
Sure thing. Keep in mind that stimulation needs to stop before you push him over the point of no return. If you do this he will have an orgasm. Not a good one since you will stop all stimulation of his cock but still he will have an orgasm and he will spurt the cum out and we do not want this do we now?

Like with all things practice makes perfect. You will learn how your partner reacts when he is near his orgasm so you will know by yourself when to stop stimulation. Do not be afraid to practice to get it right since even if you push him over the edge first few times it will still be a good thing since you will stop stimulation and your man will not be satisfied as he would be with a full orgasm.

We both broke the record

I am so happy to say that both me and Miss No1Cums broke our records for maximum day without orgasm. Miss No1Cums holds now a record of 35 days and I am at 27 days. We are pushing this further and further as you can see.

Why did I let her cum since I said that she will have to wait a bit more? Honestly it felt the right moment to give her permission to have an orgasm. We were heaving sex and I allowed her to play with her clit and when she was near an orgasm she asked (as she has to) if she may cum. I said yes and she started rubbing her clit hard and a few seconds later her body tensed and her pussy started pulsing around my hard cock. This was not time for my orgasm since she did not allow it. So it was blue balls and hard cock for me. :)

How did I came? After 27 days as you can imagine I was horny and hard all the time. All the fucking time. On the 27th day she was edging me like crazy and she gets off on this. I am sure since her pussy is always wet when she does this. Since she denied me her sweet pussy the second part of this denial period you can imagine how happy I was when she invited me in. :) I was on top of her and pushed my hard as a rock cock inside her. Damn that felt so good. She looked me in the eyes and said you can cum this time baby. I think I needed only 30sec of rabbit like fucking her till I unloaded my cum inside her. After that it is all fuzzy since the only thing I remember was my cock exploding and than sleeping like a baby. :)

Miss No1Cums is currently at 5 day without an orgasm (she came once more after her record breaking) and I am at 19 days (I got ruined ones, will write a post on this subject). I am not sure how long will I let her wait this time around, but I am sure she will wait a bit more. ;)